Installing your 5C System


Installing top jaws and 5C-CARTRIDGE system

Our top jaws are designed so that you can quickly install in our chuck. The jaws are machined so that when they are place on the chuck the back of the top jaws should be close to the outside diameter of the chuck.

  1. Place your Top Jaws on the chuck so the 5C-CARTRIDGE just slips into the Top Jaws when open.
  2. While slipping the 5C-CARTRIDGE onto the Top Jaws rotate the 5C-CARTRIDGE so that the holes in the 5C-CARTRIDGE line up with the holes in the top jaws.
  3. Do not close the jaws-While open; screw in the screws (that are supplied) thru the Top Jaws and into the
    5C-CARTRIDGE. Do not tighten; leave the screws loose.
  4. Screw in your 5C-COLLET into the 5C-CARTRIDGE until the collet is flush with the top of the CARTRIDGE
  5. Place a piece of stock into the 5C-CARTRIDGE and close down the chuck.
  6. Finish screwing down the 5C-CARTRIDGE into the Top Jaws.
  7. Using 200 lbs of chuck pressure you are now set up ready to run parts.

NOTE-You can screw the 5C-CARTRIDGE into the collet pad to increase holding pressure. There should only be about .010 between the open and closed position of your chuck.


If you have any questions please call 1-800-628-5621


Installing your 5C System

Whats Inside Your 5C Collet System

Installing Your 5C Collet System
Installing Your 5C Collet System
Whats Inside Your 5C Collet System
Whats Inside Your 5C Collet System

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